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Happy Halloween – idea’s for throwing a fun filled party

I love Halloween. Halloween is an excuse to dress up and let your imagination run wild. Get creative with over the top theming including fun food and drink ideas not forgetting the all important party games.

 I have listed some halloween inspired party ideas which can easily be replicated at home. I have also provided links to help you with the DIY process.

Blood-Orange Cocktail/Brain Haemorrhage/Blackberry Eyeball Punch/Black Devil Martini

Serve a Halloween punch with a large floating hand by filling a rubber glove with water, tie the end securely and place flat in the freezer. Once frozen remove the glove, place the frozen hand inside the punch bowl and serve to your guests. 

Broken Glass Cupcakes/Poison Toffee Apples/Strawberry Chocolate Ghosts/Pumpkin Pie Macarons

Fun themed party treats is an essential part of any Halloween party. Food colouring  is a simple and effective way of making your cuisine appear gruesome. White chocolate dipped strawberries make great ghosts and shaping your sandwiches into dead man’s fingers makes the whole eating experience much more interesting.

Spider Lantern/Bleeding Candle

Create a eerie atmosphere by placing themed candles around the room. Place a battery operated candle inside a mason jar filled with your Halloween horror of choice for example eyeballs (fake of course), doll heads or creepy crawlies.  Carving a pineapple is a quirky alternative to the original Jack-O-Lantern. 

Spider Egg Sacks/Bat Cut-outs/Tombstones

When it comes to DIY decorations you have a vast amount of options. Haunt up your house by placing creepy photos around the room by painting old photo frames and printing off creepy images. Cardboard cut-outs of  bats, ghosts and other Halloween spooks are quick, easy and cost effective. Hanging spider egg sacks at different levels filled with hundreds of spiders will make your guests skin crawl.

Party Games

Halloween party games are fun for all ages, kids games work just as well for adults especially after you have had a few drinks. Below I have listed 3 popular party games that will entertain your guests throughout the evening.

Touch And Feel

Gross out your guests by getting them feel a variety of disgusting items that resemble body parts. If you can get hold of tissue or cereal boxes cut out holes and place the food items inside if not a simple blindfold will work. You could include items such as spaghetti (intestines), rice pudding ((vomit) and grapes in jelly (eyeballs). Lovely,

Apple Bobbing

Apple bobbing is quite possibly the most popular and traditional Halloween party game. Put a twist on this classic game by creating a concoction of water, flour and feathers, this is obviously a messy alternative but much more fun. Why not make apple bobbing even more interesting by using cider or a alcoholic punch for an extra kick.

Mummy Wrapping

Now this game is slightly on the silly side but after a few drinks it is guaranteed to get your guests laughing. Create pairs or teams with one volunteer who will act as your mummy. Using toilet rolls have a competition on who can wrap their mummy the fastest. Have a vote at the end for the best mummified guest.

Happy Halloween


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